A unique business. To the best of my knowledge, no other company offers such a range of Mounting plates and Armboards for different Tonearm and Turntable combinations as well as VTA adjustment sets for Rega arms and other accessories. Manufactured and finished by hand in my workshop. Please browse our site for your arm mounting solution. We will ship to anywhere in the World. Don't hesitate to Contact Me for any info you require.

How I started.....


Soundsupports came into existence because of a sorry looking Thorens TD160 MKI which I rescued from a rubbish dump. Not knowing much about this model of turntable at the time but after a bit of research on the internet made me realise that it was highly regarded and well worth saving. 

Unfortunately the chipboard Plinth had got wet and started to swell and split at the corners so a new one was required, as I have been involved in the sheet metal and welding and fabricating business for years the natural conclusion to come to was to fabricate a new Plinth from Stainless Steel. Once this task was completed my attention was directed to trying to improve the sound quality further so of course this meant a change of Tonearm, it was at this point that I realised that this was not as easy as it should be….. 

Knowing how good a match the SME3009 Arm is but finding out that the only Armboards available were the flimsy plastic ones you could get second hand so this got me thinking...why not manufacture one from Aluminium? This is where Soundsupports really started because instead of making one I produced a batch of seventeen which sold very quickly via an auction website. Naturally it was obvious to progress to making purpose built Armboards to suit Rega and Linn arms which are also very popular arms to fit onto the TD160.  

It was then time to diversify and offer Armboards and Mounting Plates for other makes of turntable such as Garrard and eventually Technics. Today I offer a full range of Mounting Plates and accessories to suit many different Turntable / Arm combinations as well as polished Stainless Steel Plinths to suit other models such as the Garrard 301 / 401 and the Thorens TD124 which can be seen on the website. Shipping is available to all parts of the world.  

Please see my Photo Gallery for some amazing customer submitted pictures.

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