Packing Washer for Rega Tonearms


Spacer washer for Rega old style Arms

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This Washer is suitable for Rega tonearms with the single pillar mount with large securing nut. Because the R200 has a 15 MM unthreaded portion of the mounting shaft (see photo) I designed this Washer for use with either my Armboards or any that are too thin that the arm needs packing underneath between the nut and bottom of the mounting board. This also has a multitude of uses with all single pillar Rega arms such as if you need to space up the arm due to having an extra high platter.

Manufactured from 6 MM thick military spec Aluminium with a high quality satin finish.

Compatible with the Rega R200, RB250, RB300 and RB600

Can be used in multiples. Depending on the Thickness of the Armboard 2 washers may be required when installing the Rega R200. Contact me HERE with the thickness measurement of your Armboard so I can advise on quantity required.

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 13 × 2.4 cm
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