SME Spacer / Mounting Plate for Series V etc


M3 tapped SME Spacer Plate for many applications

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A high quality Plate for mounting SME Tonearms in various situations, for example on a wooden plinth housing a Garrard 301 or 401, this Plate is also especially suitable due to the extra Platter height of these Turntables

For SME M2-9, 309, Series IV,  Series V and solid mounting of the SME3009 and 3012

Screws are not included with this version of the Plate, suitable screws for mounting the Plate to Plinth could be Number 6 wood screws,  M3 / M4 countersunk machine screws or similar. These screw heads are hidden when the arm is mounted.

Can be doubled up for extra height requirements

Also available with smaller tapped holes for use with the SME 3009 / 30012 with rubber grommets in the bed plate – click here

Manufactured from military spec Aluminium to extremely tight tolerances with a high quality satin finish.

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 13 × 2.4 cm
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