SME to Rega Converter Plate


Fixed position SME to Rega Adaptor Plate


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A plate that makes it easy to fit an old style (non 3 point mount) Rega type arm onto a deck that previously had an SME 3009 arm.
Plate simply fixes to the 4 existing SME holes and locates the Rega hole at the correct mounting distance.
Manufactured from military spec Aluminium Alloy and machined to tight tolerances with a top class satin finish. Wood Screws included.

Please note – This plate will only locate the Rega arm in the correct position if the previous SME arm was mounted at the correct distance recommended by SME, if  you’re not sure then my other slightly adjustable version of this Plate may be more suitable, click here

Also be aware that this plate will raise the Rega arm by 3 MM so please check it will not be too high to achieve the correct VTA. Some material my need removing from original arm board to allow clearance for the Rega arm securing nut.

Compatible with my Rega VTA Set

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 13 × 2.4 cm
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