TD160 / 3 Point Mount Rega Armboard


A simple straight swap arm mounting solution for the RB101, RB202, RB220, RB330, RB251, RB302, RB303, RB700, RB880, RB1000, RB3000 and all the latest 3 point mounted arms. Also Rega based OEM versions from Audiomods, Origin Live, Michell etc.

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For easy fitting of the new 3 point mounting style Rega Tonearms and variants, locates the arm at the correct geometry and VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle). Includes the screws for fixing the arm to the board. Also suitable  for Thorens models – TD145 / TD146 / TD147 / TD165 and TD166.

Armboard is manufactured from military spec Aluminium to tight tolerances with a high quality satin finish.

Please note that on some models and versions material my need to be removed from the sub-platter to allow clearance for the lower part of the arm.


Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 16 × 13 × 2.4 cm
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