Solidworks Sheetmetal design

Sheet Metal and Metal Fabrication Design and Development

SS Fab Design is my Engineering and design consultancy specialising in services specifically related to the Sheetmetal and Metal Fabrication industry such as -

  • Design of sheet metal parts, enclosures and fabricated framework from concept through to prototype including full production CAD drawings and 3D models

  • Creation of flat pattern files from customer supplied fully dimensioned drawings and or 3D models ready for further laser or punch profiling

  • Development of framework from customer supplied 2D CAD drawings or 3D models then broken down into separate sections with files and drawings created ready for either laser tube cutting or sawing / CNC machining

  • Jigs produced and slots and tags can be added on sheet metal and framework assemblies to aid assembly on the welding bench

  • Can deliver a fully formed and finished product to your door either from your design or mine with paint, plating and silk screening if required

With over 28 years of experience I started on the tools and learnt all aspects of sheet metal work and fabrication including folding and forming, Mig and Tig welding then progressing into 2D programming of laser cutters and punch press machines before advancing to 3D design and development of parts. For many reasons I believe that hands on shop floor experience is essential to be able to create viable programmes for parts but especially to ensure they have nice tight corners to keep the welders happy but also enough bend relief for easy forming.

Experience working in all sectors including Bio-Science, Architectural, Military, Green energy and General commercial

Please make contact to discuss your requirement

A selection of customers previously served  - Horiba, Wayland Additive, Elma Electronic, Oomph EV, Nyobolt, Lightcast Discovery, Ultra Electronics, MBDA, BAE Systems, Aixtron, Sartorius Stedim Biotech and many others.

Please explore my SS Fab Design Gallery to see examples of projects that I have been involved with from development upwards

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